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Golfers try their own "cart-pool karaoke," should probably stick to golf

February 08, 2017

Professional golfers are some of the most skilled athletes on the planet. The game calls for hand-eye dexterity, physical power, accuracy, patience and fortitude, attributes few possess, let alone can showcase in pressure-packed settings. To reach the sport's highest levels of competition is an achievement in itself.

So it's totally understandable, then, if said golfers fall short in other arenas of talent. Such as singing.

A group of players at the recent Gary Player Invitational tried their own iteration of "The Late Late Show" host James Corden's popular "Carpool Karaoke" segment. The results were...well, see for yourself:

In a surprise to no one, Player had the best pipes of the bunch. The rest, however, might need a vocal lesson or two before stepping up to the mic again. (Looking at you, Chris Wood.)

All for venturing outside your lane of expertise. Moreover, who are we to rain on the joy of singing? Conversely, recommend a few rehearsals before the follow-up rendition.