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Golfer's round interrupted by mob of...kangaroos?

April 14, 2017

We've seen video after video of alligators making their way onto the golf course, to the point of nausea. Call us callous, but at this point, a croc could emerge from the swamp and tend pin, and we wouldn't bat an eyelash.

But kangaroos, my friends, are a different story.

On Thursday, Greg Tannos was making his way around Sanctuary Point Country Club in New South Wales, Australia when he found his game interrupted by a mob of kangaroos:

Give Tannos and his playing partner credit; despite being outnumbered 50-1, the duo marched forward. Proving that 1) Golfers will put up with anything to get their fix and 2) Australians are an unflappable bunch.

(H/T ABC News)