124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Anger Management

Golfers paired with random lunatic, capture video of him attacking a tree before getting kicked off the course

It’s the dog days of summer, which means the temps are hot and golf tempers even hotter. If you’re playing, make sure to hydrate and do your best to not let your rage make you a laughingstock, like this deranged individual who was filmed having a total meltdown by the poor guys he was paired with.

Yes, what you’re watching is a golfer summarizing every negative golf tic all at once. We’ve got immediate disappointment and near-instantaneous fury, thrown clubs and even taking the anger out on whatever nature’s nearby. It’s a greatest hits of what not to do after a botched shot.

“Got paired with this lunatic today, he was acting like this from the first hole," the r/golf post reads. “Me and my buddy were laughing but realized this guy was crazy after this.”

This doesn’t seem to be the only incident, as he was allegedly unhinged from the get-go and apparently kicked off the course not long after attacking the tree. “A member saw him sink his putter into the 13th green and pull out a tennis ball sized scallop,” the poster said.

This Reddit post led to a smorgasbord of stories in which commenters revealed some of their worst playing partners.

“I played with a guy a few weeks ago. Took a few shots to get out of a bunker and then just LAUNCHED his club into the woods. Immediately afterwards he was completely calm, we offered to help him look for it but he said no, he'll just buy another club. I pointed him out to someone else (and that story) and they said that they'd seen the same guy snap his putter over his knee after a bad putt.”

“I got a friend that snapped a club over his knee and launched one into lake within a week of each other. Didn't invite him to a tee time for a couple of weeks. About 2 weeks ago when we played he snapped 2-3 clubs over his knee again. Later that night he texted me he ordered 3 replacements. I'm like ‘dude you sure this is for you?’”

“Opponent started off better and was a couple up after 9 but I won back to back holes with him missing putts on each to tie it up and each time he threw his club off the green in anger. On their 12th he puts his drive into the trees and angry smashes it into the ground and the head comes off … He misses another 6 footer to half so he decides the putter is going to be thrown again. Unfortunately he pulls his throw a bit and it might catch the wind and goes sailing into a pond next to the green. He just stood there for about a minute and then shook hand and walked off. Quite an expensive hole for him.”

The thread goes on in tremendous fashion. Probably worth checking out if you have some time to kill.

Anyway, maybe golf isn’t for this guy captured on video—or anyone else being discussed in the comments for that matter. Just take up boxing if you’re this emotional after a missed putt. Actually, scratch that. Keep playing golf. We love this type of content.