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Golfer sick of losing balls in leaves comes up with brilliant (and chaotic) solution

November 09, 2023

Russell Illig

We’re midway through fall and the leaves are dropping, which means it’s time for a few things. 1. Fathers forcing their kids to rake the leaves. 2. Adorable videos of dogs jumping into leaf piles. 3. Golfers buying more and more golf balls since we keep losing them in the Autumn Abyss.

It’s the worst feeling. You hit a solid shot near the green and the next thing you know you’re on a search that rivals Ponce de León’s quest for the Fountain of Youth. It’s exhausting, it’s ridiculous and frankly … it’s embarrassing. Well, one man is sick and tired of this rigamarole and brought his own equipment to right this frequent wrong.

“Seen at the local course: Guy tired of losing balls in the fall leaves,” writes our intrepid Reddit reporter. And what a solution this genius has thought up. A leafblower, of course!

Sick and tired of paying for an endless amount of golf balls, this fella is a true hero and is setting the tone for how we should all play our rounds. It's that type of cunning that'll get you some of your best scores and lower your rage (at least for a hole or two).

Now, this isn’t the first instance of a leafblower making its way onto the course, but bringing your own is a hell of a way to show that you mean business. Does it count as one of your 14 clubs? That’s a question the USGA will have to answer soon enough.