Chess Not Checkers

Genius golf course stations leaf blowers at every green during the fall, is working smarter not harder

October 17, 2023

We are smack dab in the middle of fall golf season and it is glorious. The hills are a candy-corn rainbow. You’re listening to Purdue-Iowa in the cart. You have a couple Reese's Pumpkins stashed in the side pocket and swamp ass seems like a distant memory. Winter will be here before you can say “the turkey’s ready!”, but for now, life is good.

Well, if it weren't for those pesky leaves ...

This time of year, the falling foliage makes our tricky little game of golf even trickier. In fact, leaves can be such a nuisance, they even have their own statute in the Rules of Golf handbook — Rule 18.2, AKA the “leaf rule.” But one club is fighting back with a simple, yet innovative, idea:

Leaf blowers stationed at every green.

Fall golf — new look, same great taste! OK, so maybe this isn’t a total game changer. And it could make for a pretty noisy course on a busy October Saturday. But nothing comes without a cost, even a clean putting line. We’ll see if this trend catches on —we’re guessing a couple of four-beer-deep jokers will ruin it for everybody — but we speak for every superintendent on earth when we say it’s worth a shot.