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Golfer gets way (WAY) too close for comfort to two tussling gators

April 01, 2024

As the calendar turns to April, us poor souls in the Northeast are finally starting to think about golf season. But it's always golf season in Florida. Which means it's always gator season there as well.

Just last week a particularly giant gator was spotted on a golf course in the Sunshine State, but the video we're about to show today is much wilder. That's because it involves two giant gators. And one brave crazy golfer, who gets way, WAY too close for comfort.

Have a look at these two tussling reptiles. And it's a really good look, because, again, the guy filming it is nuts:

Wild stuff. And how about that gator tooth he shows off in the middle of the video?

Anyway, we can't tell if these scaly beasts are just playing with each other or arguing over a questionable drop. Either way, we would have stayed father away from them. Much, much farther away.