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Massive gator spotted out for a stroll on Florida golf course

Another day, another massive prehistoric reptile sighting on a Florida golf course. This one comes by way of a local golfer in Rotonda, FL, who made way for the gargantuan gator while playing a recent round. They wisely gave the nearly 10-foot beast a wide berth, but did film encounter, submitting the footage to WINK News. Check it out from the safety of your couch.

Recently we reported on a Florida fisherman who had his hand bitten off by a golf course gator and shared a viral video of another attacking a golf cart. It goes without saying that if you find yourself in the position this golfer did, you need to respect the fact that you are no longer the top link in the food chain. We’ll even go as far as to suggest you keep your phone in your pocket, as much as we love sharing these videos.

But hey, all’s well that ends well. This gator got a nice morning stroll and this golfer got to his finish his round in one piece. Nature living in harmony. The circle of life. You love to see it.