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Golfer gets celebration fit for a king after becoming first from his country to qualify for a DP World Tour event

August 24, 2022

Admittedly, before today we had never heard of Aleksandar Radoicic, a golfer who hails from Montenegro. Heck, we probably couldn't have found Montenegro on a map before writing this post. But thanks to him making a bit of history, we know a bit more about both.

Radoicic became the first golfer from Montenegro to qualify for a DP World Tour (AKA the old European Tour) event earlier this week. And he got a celebration fit for a king. Not that Montenegro has a king. According to Wikipedia, this Southeastern European country is a unitary parliamentary republic headed by a president, prime minister, and speaker. The more you know.

Anyway, have a look at the joy he brought his supporters after qualifying for this week's Omega European Masters. And you could do a lot worse than to make your big tour debut in Switzerland:

You absolutely love to see it. The dude is an instant national hero. Just be careful handling him because he still has a tournament to play this week.

Radoicic is currently No. 2,211 in the Official World Golf Ranking, and, well, that about exhausts all that we know about him. But we can tell you more about Montenegro, where the national sport is apparently water polo and the country's team won the gold medal at 2008 Men's European Water Polo Championship.

Montenegro also has a proud history with soccer and basketball, but golf? Not so much. Hence, why people were so excited about Radoicic. Imagine if he plays well in the actual tournament? They might have a parade for him in (*back to Wikipedia*) Podgorica.