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This guy found a creative way to get around the COVID-19 golf ban in Canada

May 13, 2021

If you're a golfer looking to play in Ontario, Canada, you're out of luck right now. That doesn't mean you can't still swing the sticks, though.

Golf is currently a banned activity there, at least through May 20. This despite there being an overwhelming belief that golf can be a safe activity during this pandemic (it's pretty easy to social distance when you're spread out over hundreds of acres outside). And despite that the golf season should be well underway by this point in May.

In any case, though, courses are closed. So one golfer took his cause to the streets. Literally.

Introducing Taylor Jackson, a man with more than 116,000 followers on Instagram who found a creative way to get around the ban. Well, until he gets arrested for destruction of property if he happens to shank one.

Well played, Taylor. We support your cause—just be careful out there. And whenever this ban gets lifted, it looks like you'll already be in mid-season form.