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Golf World's Top 30 and 2009

January 12, 2009

The more unpredictable the world becomes, the more we rely on predictions. Steve Rivkin


Lots of reaction to John Antonini's compilation of the Golf World Top 30 in the 2009 Preview issue and to Tim Rosaforte's look at two of the young Turks, Camilo Villegas and Anthony Kim. Here's the list, then some of the reaction:

__Dear Editor:>

I had a lot of fun comparing "my" Top 30 list to John Antonini's list. A few names really jumped out at me. Padraig Harrington's rank of No. 12 surprised me especially considering Ernie Els was at No. 11 ahead of him. Paddy's won mutiple majors the last two years and Ernie has not played to his capable level in several years. I did like the fact that he sprinkled the youthful group of Kim, Villegas and Mahan all in the top 10. I hope he's right, golf needs some young guns to chase down Tiger! __

__Kurt Heinzelman  >

Cinti, OH__

I'm with you, Kurt. I think we'll hear a lot from Harrington this year. He's driven, grounded and, after two major victories this year, wisely chose not to chase a new equipment deal. Geoff Ogilvy, too. He's due. And for some reason, I also think Ben Curtis will be a factor this year. Tough in the majors; swing fixed.

__Dear Editor:>

Are you kidding me? Kenny Perry NOT in Golf World's Top 30!! He gets an honorable mention on page 88!! Geez, if he would have gone to the British Open and missed the cut, would that have helped? __

__John Stephenson>

South Bend, IN__

The editors say he'll be right back on the list when the Ryder Cup returns to Valhalla.

I predict that PGA tour on air reporters will all be required to wear bibs in 2009. This will be necessary because of all the slobbering and drooling that will be going on when Tiger Woods returns.

__Robert Shank>

Carlisle, PA__


And your point is?

--Bob Carney