Golf Twitter is loving this old clip of Lee Trevino at the Masters—and for good reason

August 19, 2020

At the 1988 U.S. Open at Brookline, a 48-year-old Lee Trevino had this to say about the younger generation's pace of play:

''These young guys out here now, they're always checkin` things. Checkin` those little yardage books, checkin` their gloves, checkin` the wind, checkin` whatever they`re checkin`. Heck, when I started playing out here in 1967, if you took four hours to play a round of golf, that was a lot. Now, that`s fast.''

And that was before players like Bryson DeChambeau started checking for things like air density. So, yeah, the pace of play hasn't improved. On any professional tour. Or at your local muni.

That's why one video of Trevino that recently surfaced got so much traction on Golf Twitter the past few days. It's a clip of the six-time major champ at the 1975 Masters, and let's just say he doesn't take a lot of time checking anything before nearly making an ace on the par-3 12th. Check it out:

Just a little spit on the hands, pull a club, step into the shot and BAM! And keep in mind, with water and swirling winds that's one of the scariest tee shots in golf. During the final round. Trevino played it like it was the No. 18 handicap hole during a Monday practice round with the sun going down. Impressive.

Trevino famously didn't have a great record at Augusta National—nor did he like the place much, even skipping the event three times in his prime. But this birdie helped produce a T-10, matching his best-ever finish in the tournament. More importantly, it serves as a reminder that we could all pick up the pace on the course.