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Golf training aids: The NeuraPutt will help every level of golfer improve their putting

November 25, 2019

The NeuraPutt is the epitome of target practice. Three sets of foam bumpers allow a user to adjust the size of the cup. Start off by hitting 10 putts from five feet with the thinnest (orange) bumpers, which provide the widest opening. As you improve, make the target more challenging with medium-size bumpers (green) and, eventually, the thickest ones (blue), which create the smallest opening. That makes this putting aid great for all skill levels.

The plastic cup (same size as a regulation hole) comes in indoor and outdoor versions. The indoor one adheres by Velcro to an available 6-foot or 12-foot mat. The outdoor cup fits over an actual hole with plastic spikes that anchor it.

Ideally, you’d use the calibration card (included) to track where each putt finishes. This is when you might pick up on a putting flaw. For instance, the majority of your misses might strike the front-left bumper, which could indicate a slight pulling motion or not playing enough break on a right-to-left putt.


Available at neuraputt.org
$30, outdoor
$50, indoor with six-foot carpet
$60, indoor with 12-foot carpet