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Golf simulator to open in Texas with robotic bartender, because why not?

November 22, 2023

Leon Neal

Everything is a Mad Libs these days. You open your phone, jump on your favorite browser and the next thing you see is a barrage of words that kind of go together but is more confusing than not.

What we have here is a robotic bartender called the Makr Shakr, which was developed in Italy, finally being implemented at golf bays at an Arlington Heights shopping mall’s golf simulator. Golf VX, an 11,938-square-foot golf simulator with a restaurant and bar, will open next year at the Southpoint Shopping Center with the Makr Shakr as the focal point of what’s to come.

“The device has two robotic arms that can craft cocktails from 158 bottles of spirits and juices hanging from a ceiling above the bar,” explains the Daily Herald. “Employees will check identification, input the drink order on a computer screen, then serve the finished product to the customer.”

This intoxicating device is pretty rare at the moment with its only stagnant locations in Las Vegas, Prague, Amsterdam, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The reason we used the word “stagnant” is because a select amount of cruise ships got first dibs at the Makr Shakr.

Anyway, the future of golf is finally here. With alcohol hanging on the ceiling and a robot getting you loaded while you hook shots at a digital Pebble Beach.