Thoughts and Prayers

Golfer experiences hole-in-one nightmare for the ages on Fourth of July weekend


Cappi Thompson

A hole-in-one is supposed to be a rite of passage—a joyous occasion marked by high fives, hugs and, of course, beers. You never forget your first, after all. For one golfer, however, his first “ace” turned into a nightmare over Fourth of July weekend thanks to one golf’s most steadfast technicalities. Read on, sadists.

We think we’re going to be sick. This poor sap ignored his buddy’s advice about how long the hole played, hit 7 iron and came up short. He then loaded up his 6 for shits and gigs and jarred the thing. He even has the scuffed ball to prove it.


There are some blurry lines when it comes to holes-in-one, but a second-shot ace isn’t one of them. For this guy’s sake, we wish it were, but the rules are the rules.

To make matters even worse, this unlucky S.O.B now believes he’s cursed himself into never making an actual ace. That’s not true, of course—curses are for horror movies and the Buffalo Bills—but the mind is a fickle mistress, and if you believe you’re not going to make a hole-in-one, then you probably never will.