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Better Late Than Never

Golfer whose biggest goal was to break 80 in 2023 fires 79 on New Year's Eve

The holiday is season is over, and you know what that means: It’s RESOLUTION SZN BABYYYY. It’s that magical time of year when hungover people across the planet set goals for the year ahead. From modest gains to lofty ambitions, weight loss to pay raises, the pledges pour in like water over Niagara Falls and don't let up until the calendar flips to February.

Same goes for golf.

Like the rest of society, golfers are hitting the big red reset button this month, setting new benchmarks for themselves in 2024. Just ask this Reddit user, who may need a few extra days to submit their 2024 goals after waiting until December 31st to cross off the biggest item on last year’s list.

This is why coaches always shout about playing to the final whistle. If this golfer put their clubs away during the holidays like most sane people, they wouldn’t have broken 80 for the first time. Instead, they kept their legs churning, fought for extra yardage and sealed the win with a clutch first down as time wound down. It wasn't without drama, however. According to the poster, they nearly blew it after pulling their drive on the par-5 18th into a ditch when needing just a par to shoot 79.

Thankfully it all worked out in the end, providing a valuable blueprint not just for golf, but life. Whatever you’re into, be into it. Stick it out, see it through—hell, just hang around if you have to. With a little luck and a lot of patience, each day you’ll wake up and suck a little bit less than the one before.