Gift GuideNovember 6, 2018

Golf Gifts for Kids: 7 products perfect for the junior golfer in your life

Finding the right golf products for junior golfers can be intimidating to some: Do you buy golf clubs that a kid can grow into? How do you know what size works best for them? When shopping for golf gifts for kids—particularly golf equipment—there are a couple rules to go by.

First, do not cut down a regular men's or women's club and give it to a junior. The swingweights on these clubs are way too heavy, in addition to the shafts being too stiff. If they're not designed for junior golfers, the kid will struggle swinging them. Secondly, it's also important to know the level of golfer you're shopping for. If the targeted golfer is a more elite, experienced player, they likely already have a few nice clubs—and they also likely need to be fit. Check with the parents to see which clubs might need upgrading.

If you're shopping for a beginning golfer, the biggest thing is making sure clubs will help them get the ball in the air. You want to look for high-lofted drivers, thick, heavy soles and lightweight shafts.

Nice apparel options are always welcomed for a junior—check with the parents of the child to see what size they typically wear, but be sure to check on specific companies, too. Sizes change from company to company.

We've found some great golf gifts for kids—great places on all the above to start your search for junior golfers.

  1. Adidas Junior Adipower Boa Golf Shoes ($50 to $70). Every junior golfer could use an extra pair of golf shoes—not to mention a stylish pair like these from Adidas. Especially for more experienced junior players who are forced to play tournaments in the rain, it's always clutch to have an extra pair if you have to play the next day. Available in three color ways and the company's Boa closure system, the Junior Adipower shoes aren't just a convenient backup: They might become the favorite of your junior golfer.
  1. Ping Prodi G package ($879). A problem with junior sets? Kids outgrow them too quickly. Ping has a solution with its Prodi G set: Its "Get Golf Growing" program allows you to send a set back for a no-cost re-shafting, lengthening and re-weighting to allow a junior golfer to grow with their set.

The set includes a 460-cubic-centimeter driver with the company's patented turbulators, as well as clubs through the putter that match Ping's technology in its other clubs. The company also has various set number options—if you'd like to purchase a set of a lesser number of clubs.

  1. HydroFlask Kids Wide Mouth 12 oz. Bottle ($29.95). Because a kid can always appreciate storing cold beverages when the bottle is in fun colors.
  1. Nike Swoosh Headband ($6). Available in seven color options, headbands are great because they are versatile and can be worn for other sports.
  1. Under Armour Boys' Storm Half-Snap Golf Pullover ($55). This will guarantee your junior golfer is the sharpest dressed man when the wind picks up. Available in three color options.

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  1. TopFlite Kids' Complete Set ($90 to $150). Depending on how old or how tall the junior golfer you're buying for is, TopFlite has options for you.

These are perfect for anybody with a height of 45 inches or under.

For golfers of height between 46 and 52 inches.

  1. S'ip by S'well 15 oz. Stainless Steel Bottle ($25). For youngsters who would appreciate a water bottle with watermelons, crabs or donuts on them.

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