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Do this to stop scooping the ball and create a better impact position

January 05, 2024
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Are you someone who tries to scoop the ball into the air? Trying to help lift the ball into the air by hinging the wrists through the ball is a mistake a lot of golfers make. Maybe you generally hit it low, and you’re trying to make sure the ball goes higher into the air. Whatever the reason, scooping the ball is not the right way to make the ball go higher. If you tend to scoop, Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher Trillium Rose says to work on this drill.

To do this drill, swing back halfway, swing through, and don’t let your wrists hinge. Finish the swing halfway through. Your arms should be extended out, down the target line.

“The issue with a scoop is that the club passes the hands through impact,” Rose explains. By not letting your wrists hinge, the clubhead can’t pass the hands.

Doing this drill will help you create a stronger impact position, which will create the better launch you were looking for to begin with.