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Golf Digest's 50 Best 19th Holes

Tennessean Bryan Tinsley takes issue with Golf Digest's 50 Best 19th Holes list.

First thought, the article is very interesting and romantic. It was very enjoyable to read the article and imagine having a bourbon at Pine Valley post a 12 penalty-stroke, 41-putt 105. However, the article should be about 19th holes that the average reader could potentially have a drink in. Even if I were a very rich man, I would never have a chance to see all the private clubhouses in America. Most of your readers, at best, will only have the chance to see one or two of the locations described. A follow-up article on great public 19th holes would be a terrific read. Just a thought...

  Ron Kaspriske, who compiled the list, replies:

Bryan, Thanks for writing. In response to your letter, thought you should know that 20 of the 50 bars listed in our March issue are open to the public and we have since featured two of them in our April (Pinehurst) and June (Atlantic City C.C.) issues. Our July issue will feature another 19th hole open to the public. But I understand your concerns. I'm a public golfer. I do not have a private club membership. I'm one of you.

I promise you, in 18 months when we revisit the list, we will have an even stronger commitment to public watering holes.Feel free to nominate one in your area!

Bottoms up,>

Ron >

--Bob Carney