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Golf Digest Podcast: Why would anyone play golf across remote Mongolia? Because it was there

October 27, 2017

To understand why Adam Rolston and friend Ron Rutland decided to trek all across Mongolia, with Rolston hitting a golf ball every inch of the way, perhaps we should accept that some people aren't wired like the rest of us. Rolston's journey, which covered 1,200 miles and 20,093 shots over 82 days, was rooted in a love of golf, and there was a charitable component as well. But mostly, he said, he just wanted an adventure.

"I said 'I always wanted to do an adventure. I want to do something different," Rolston said of his initial conversation with Rutland about the trip. "I'm a reasonably good golfer. Is there anything I can do with that?"

The answer was "golf's longest hole," which our Brian Wacker wrote about at length this week. But there's still plenty more to hear from Rolston about the remarkable physical and mental challenges of their trek, the friends (two-legged and four-legged) made along the way, and the plans to turn the adventure into a documentary.