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Golden Tate shows off his swing -- and sends a message to fellow NFL golfers

January 27, 2017

In addition to having one of the best names in sports, Golden Tate also has some of the NFL's best hands. The wide receiver has averaged 93 receptions and more than 1,000 yards the past three seasons, but with his Detroit Lions being eliminated from the playoffs two weeks ago, Tate is focusing on a different sport in the off-season. And it looks like those hands are pretty useful holding a golf club as well.

On Thursday, Tate showed off his swing -- and his new PXG irons -- with a video from the range. He also issued a message to fellow NFL golfers like Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson, and Jimmy Clausen: Watch out.

Those looked like a couple tight draws from Tate, who won a Super Bowl ring with the Seattle Seahawks in 2014 after being an All-American at Notre Dame. And just in case his homies didn't get that first message, Tate posted a second video, this time of him pounding a driver:

Again, it looks like Tate has a pretty straight -- and piercing -- ball flight despite a very strong grip. Also strong is Tate's love of golf. When he signed with Detroit in 2014, he indicated that Michigan's number of great golf courses was one of the main reasons. Respect.