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Top 50 Teachers for Women

August 04, 2008

What makes a good golf instructor?

Obviously, she needs to be well-educated, experienced and insightful. The key to being a great teacher, however, is chemistry. You may think such chemistry happens only by chance or after a couple of glasses of chardonnay. But a great teacher develops a rapport with any student who come to her lesson tee. We believe these women -- GFW's Top 50 Teachers -- have that gift.

Our list will help you find a teacher in your area -- or guide you to one of the golf schools where they give lessons.

How We Chose the Top 50:

We asked last year's honorees, as well as Golf Digest's 50 Greatest Teachers, to nominate outstanding women teachers who meet our criteria and have made a significant contribution to the game. The women on our list must have at least 10 years' teaching experience; be either PGA or LPGA Teaching & Club Professional Class-A certified, or both; and give a minimum of 10 lessons per week. Teachers were also evaluated by Dr. Paul Schempp, head of the Sport Instruction Research Lab at the University of Georgia in Athens.