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Georgia golf course creates ingenious way to combat coronavirus spread

April 16, 2020

Raised cups have become the norm at golf courses around the country—golf courses still open, that is—during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But one Georgia track has created an ingenious way to keep their holes as is and keep down coronavirus spread at the same time.

Check out this neat little video shared by Cobblestone Golf Course:

Very cool. Looks like someone was paying attention in shop class.

Of course, some golfers are liking the raised cups—like longtime PGA Tour caddie Heath Holt, who banged his way to a "59" recently. And the USGA has even relaxed its rules to allow scores shot on courses taking coronavirus measures to still count for handicap purposes.

But even with the USGA's leniency, the raised cups have put a damper on holes-in-one, preventing many (not by me, obviously) from happening. And you can't count one that ricochets off the cup from 150 yards away. So again, this device that was cobbled together at Cobblestone Golf Course seems like the perfect solution.

Whoever invented that should get on Shark Tank. Fast. You know, while this is still a thing.

Then again, some places might consider installing this after things return to normal. In addition to cutting down on germs, it also looks pretty good for the back. Hope the inventor filed for a patent or Mr. Wonderful might steal that bad boy.