Doug, the Chipping, How?

This video of two gators chomping on each other might be the golf fight of the summer

You never know what you might find on the golf course. A couple of Pro V1s, somebody’s lost car keys, human remains or perhaps two massive alligators duking it out like Ali-Frazier. That’s what one Redditor was greeted by this week when they found the 4th fairway down at their local club blocked by two prehistoric killing machines engaged in a life-or-death battle. Check it out.

We’re all for enjoying the splendors of nature while on the course, but this is a big nope. Put everyone down for a par, make your way to the next tee and be happy all four limbs are still attached.

We do appreciate this brave soul pulling out their camera from a safe (ish) distance, however. The summer’s still young, but this is an early contender for golf fight of the season. Donald Trump and Joe Biden may still have something to say about that, but for now, we’re giving it to the gators.