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Golfer attacked by bird on golf course, tries to claim it was a 'hawk'

Golfers are known for exaggerating after a round. A 320-yard drive turns into 415, a ball landing on the green is now a near hole-in-one—that sort of thing. Well, this golfer in particular tried to claim that a hawk was hot on his tail. Unfortunately, someone was recording the whole dang thing.

"My husband was looking for his ball and got attacked by this hawk," the caption reads. Hmmmm, that's quite the claim.

We’re certainly not saying this isn’t a scary ordeal, but if that’s a hawk, I’m on the PGA Tour. The “oh my god, bro” as a bird chases after is just good old-fashioned content, and it looks like this unfortunate golfer survived this feathered run-in. So now, we’re in the clear to say that this is all very funny.

Instead of a hawk, it does appear that we have a red-winged blackbird on our hands, notorious for protecting their territory by any means necessary … as you can so clearly see. It’s become so prevalent that we even have accompanying memes now. That’s when you know things are real.

You really have to word things carefully when wishing for a birdie on the golf course. You might end up sprinting away, clubs in jousting position for the entire world to watch.