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Golfer hits untimeliest of shots, accidentally nails (and kills) bird in air

February 07, 2024

Golf is a brutal, frustrating game. It often ends in exasperation, or at best a sense of mediocrity. However, almost all of us will finish a round or driving-range stint without taking a life. That might seem pretty obvious, until now.

This unfortunate individual cannot say the same, as he accidentally took down a bird with the most cursed of shots. He posted it on Reddit with quite a few zoom-ins to show what happened. Here’s the clip. Watch it if you can stomach it. If you’re a member of PETA, maybe scroll somewhere else.

“Smoked a bird mid-flight on the range this weekend. Oops!” writes Reddit user (and accidental murderer) chollz. And yes, just in case you were wondering, that bird is no longer with us.

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Many a commenter brought up Randy Johnson, which makes sense as he infamously blew up a bird with a pitch. Being compared to the baseball legend is almost always a great thing, except in this one very specific instance.

The golf shot itself is pretty solid. Impressive movement, strong ball flight and a tremendous amount of backspin after … well, you know. Just some bad luck for this man and especially the bird.

Maybe the best remark is from Most-Luck9724, which really puts this entire ordeal into perspective: “I’ve smoked plenty of stuff on the range before, but never a bird.”