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Gary Player teaches grandson a lesson about making ill-advised bunker bets against an all-time great

February 03, 2021

Gary Player's nine major championships will always put him in the conversation of golf's all-time greatest golfers. But the 85-year-old proved he's still got "it" at the age of 85—and at the expense of one of his grandchildren.

We've seen countless examples of GP aging incredibly well through the years, whether it's been turning the Masters ceremonial first tee shot into a long drive contest or his impressive dance moves. Taking money from a family member, though, might be our favorite.

As Player explained in a tweet, grandson Jordan likes to make (ill-advised) $5 bets on sand shots when they play. We say ill-advised because in addition to being one of the winningest golfers ever, Player is also arguably the greatest bunker player ever. And after watching this video, he still might be. Check it out:

Damn, Gary! Go easy on the young lad! Seriously, what shot, but hat was cold. They didn't even exchange high-fives.

I'm just surprised Player didn't start dancing on the spot to really rub it in. Good stuff, GP. Jordan probably needed to be taught a lesson.