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You're going to be sick when you see how one gambler lost an NFL parlay for $7,000

November 23, 2020

This week's Sunday Night Football provided an entertaining game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Las Vegas Raiders. Unfortunately, it also provided one gambler with a sickening loss.

The mystery bettor had quite the parlay going involving all prop bets on the game. And the nine-way bet appeared to have hit until a brutal sequence of events in the closing seconds.

Instead of winning about $7,000 on the $25 wager, this person walked away with nothing after a pair of Patrick Mahomes kneeldowns on the final two plays brought the QB under 16.5 yards rushing for the game. Mahomes had 18 yards on the ground before those two one-yard losses took him down to 16. ROUGH. Here's a look at the losing ticket:

We're sick just looking at that. Of course, we've seen gamblers get victimized by kneeldowns before, even multiple kneeldowns (shout-out to Golf Digest's own Christopher Powers), but not with this much money on the line. And not in quite this fashion.

You see, Kansas City shouldn't have even had the ball at the end after scoring the go-ahead touchdown with 28 seconds left. But after kicking off to the Raiders, Derek Carr threw an interception on the ensuing possession.

Still, one knee and this poor gambler would have still been in the clear. But the Raiders had one timeout left so they used (Gruden Grinder!) it to force that final snap. Again, ROUGH.

So many things had to go wrong just so for this result. Then again, a lot of things had to go right for the mystery gambler to be in position for such a win. Anyway, in conclusion, don't gamble, kids.