From Tiger Woods club twirls to Peyton Manning bombs, The Match has a Super Bowl-like list of prop bets

April 29, 2020

Stan Badz

There are many details to be sorted out between now and next month's The Match: Champions for Charity, but there are three things we definitely know.

1.) Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning will team up against Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady.
2.) Tiger and Peyton have opened as solid favorites.
3.) There will be plenty of other ways to bet on this highly anticipated golf exhibition.

To the last point, released a series of prop bets for The Match on Wednesday, and let's just say the sportsbook is treating this like the Super Bowl. Of course, many people also will be treating it as such considering the lack of live sports during the Coronavirus pandemic. Anyway, here's the (long) list of ways to get the juices flowing while you watch.

The Match: Champions for Charity Winner

Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning -240 (5/12)
Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady +200 (2/1)

Wow, this is even more lopsided than the opening odds Westgate Las Vegas Superbook set last week with Tiger/Peyton as -150 favorites. Even more reason to bet the underdog here. Well, underdogs.

Will Peyton Manning hit FIR (Fairway in Regulation) on Hole No. 1?

Yes -150 (2/3)
No +110 (11/10)

It would be nice to know where they are playing so I could do some scouting. . .

Will Tom Brady hit FIR (Fairway in Regulation) on Hole No. 1?

Yes -120 (5/6)
No -120 (5/6)

Apparently, Tom isn't as accurate off the tee as Peyton. Good to know. . .

Will Tiger Woods wear a red shirt?

Yes -600 (1/6)
No +350 (7/2)

The only way he doesn't is if he and Peyton decide to wear matching outfits. Although, in that case, I'd still bet on them being red matching outfits.

Total commercials Peyton Manning is in during broadcast

Over/Under 1½

HAMMER the over. Peyton is America's pitchman.

Total number of times Tiger twirls his club

Over/Under 2½

Is this a joke?! Again, HAMMER the over here.

Which logo will be on front of Tom Brady's hat?

TB12 -400 (1/4)
Buccaneers +250 (5/2)

Are there no "TOMpa Bay" hats made yet?

What will Phil Mickelson wear during the Match at the first hole?

Visor -300 (1/3)
Hat +200 (2/1)

Hmm... that's tough. I like those odds on a hat, though.

First player to have football highlight shown

Peyton Manning -140 (5/7)
Tom Brady EVEN (1/1)

Age before beauty? Makes sense, I guess.

Total curse words said by Tiger and Phil

Over/Under 5½

Now this is an interesting one, because what constitutes a curse word? In Matt Kuchar's world, "Aw, shucks" means you drop a dollar in a swear jar. Well, a quarter. This is Matt Kuchar we're talking about, but you get the point.

Will "audible" be said by any player?

Yes +140 (7/5)
No -180 (5/9)

I'm going no. I would be on Peyton dropping an "Omaha," though.

Will "deflate" be said by any player?

Yes +120 (6/5)
No -160 (5/8)

Had the teams been reversed and Phil was opposing Brady, this would have been a lock.

Will "Gronk" be said by any player?

Yes -225 (4/9)
No +160 (8/5)

What if they say "Gronkowski" instead? Staying away from this one. Staying away from Gronk in my fantasy draft as well. . .

Will "Omaha" be said by any player?

Yes +220 (11/5)
No -325 (4/13)

I should have waited to see all these to make my above comment. Plus 220 is pretty tempting.

Will a Lombardi Trophy be seen during broadcast?

Yes -325 (4/13)
No +220 (11/5)

Probably the biggest lock of the day. Unless TNT is too cheap to buy the rights to show either QB hoisting one after winning a Super Bowl.

Will any player spike a football?

Yes +350 (7/2)
No -600 (1/6)

I'd definitely stay away from "no" here. Phil has been known to stash a football in his bag.

Will any player spike a golf ball?

Yes +150 (3/2)
No -200 (1/2)

This is not a thing. This will not happen. No.

Will Donald Trump attend?

Yes +900 (9/1)
No -3300 (1/33)

No way. But will he tweet about it? Obviously.

How many holes will be conceded?

Over/Under 2½

Do we even know the format yet?

Will a Play-Off be needed to decide the winner?

Yes +250 (5/2)
No -300 (1/3)

We hope.

Will Hole No. 18 be played?

Yes -140 (5/7)
No EVEN (1/10

Again, we hope.

Number of 3-putts recorded by Tiger and Phil

Over/Under ½

That's a low number, but we'd go under. These guys are going to be scooping all day.

Which player will make the most birdies?

Tiger Woods -140 (5/7)
Phil Mickelson EVEN (1/1)

This is a toss-up so we're taking Phil with those odds.

Who will have longest drive on Hole No. 1?

Peyton Manning -150 (2/3)
Tom Brady +110 (11/10)

Peyton must be a real masher.

Will there be a Hole In One?

Yes +950 (19/2)
No -3500 (1/35)

OK, now you're just throwing your money away. I know we're all really looking forward to this, but let's not go too crazy.