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France's Alex Levy sees French World Cup goal in players lounge at Scottish Open, celebrates accordingly

Finishing your round up before the leaders even tee off usually means you haven't had the best of weeks. This was the case at the Scottish Open for France's Alex Levy, who carded a final-round 71, which currently has him at T-55. While we're sure he would have liked to be in contention, Levy picked a good week not to be, because it meant he got to watch his home country in the World Cup final.

In the players lounge at Gullane Golf Club, cameras captured Levy watching France take on Croatia in Russia, and like any sports fan, he was on the edge of his seat. With the game tied 1-1 late in the first half, France got a penalty kick for a Croatian hand ball and Antoine Griezmann capitalized, giving France a 2-1 lead. Levy celebrated accordingly:

Not sure if this dance has a name, but it's the same one Griezmann was doing after scoring the go-ahead goal, and Levy pretty much nailed it:

Since that goal, France has added two and it looks like they are going to hang on for the country's second World Cup, the first coming in 1998 on home soil. Let's hope we get another postgame celebration video of Levy, especially if he's had a few more beers.