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FOX asks "who is the best college football player to wear No. 5?", leaves out multiple all-time greats

First off, credit to FOX. Sports content that riles up the masses on social media is practically gold right now. And that's exactly what this Twitter post from the FOX College Football account did:

People are PISSED. Shocking, I know. To be fair, FOX only had so much space to work with in this graphic, though they could have lost the "best player to wear No. 5" graphic on the left part of the picture and used that space for more legendary No. 5s. Another way to open up space? Getting rid of Manti Teo.

The consensus among the mad online people seems to be that Arkansas great Darren McFadden was the most egregious omission. There's certainly a case to be made for the former Oakland Raider, who holds the records for the greatest and second-greatest rushing seasons in Razorback history. His 4,590 career rushing yards over his three seasons in Fayetteville rank him 51st on the all-time list. As a sophomore in 2006, he finished second in the Heisman Trophy voting to Ohio State's Troy Smith. Then he went on to have an even better statistical season as a junior and once again finished runner-up in the Heisman voting to Tim Tebow, a snub Razorback fans are still talking about to this day.

You know how good McFadden was? McFadden was so good that he made Arkansas football good. That's REALLY good.

A far worse omission, in our opinion, is the omission of Texas Tech great Michael Crabtree, the receiver of one of the top five most iconic touchdowns in the history of college football:

Crabtree played only two seasons at Texas Tech, but they were two of the greatest statistical receiving seasons ever. As a redshirt freshman, Crabtree caught 134 balls for 1,962 yards, the third-most yards in a single season in college football history. His 22 touchdowns that year is tied for fifth on the all-time list for receiving touchdowns in a single year. The following year, he caught 19 touchdowns, which is tied for 14th on that same list. He won back-to-back Biletnikoff awards and was a two-time unanimous All-American. Unlike McFadden, though, he was never invited to the Heisman Trophy ceremony, though he did finish fifth in the voting in 2008.

Maybe not an all-time great, but one No. 5 deserves mention is Penn State's Larry Johnson. After three years of rushing for less than 400 yards, Johnson exploded for over 2,000 rushing yards as a senior and found the end zone 20 times. He also caught 41 passes for 349 yards and three TDs. Just a ridiculous senior year, but we won't fault FOX for not including him. McFadden and Crabtree, however, should be in this conversation.

Last but not least, South Carolina's Stephen Garcia:

Just kidding. Never forget that Garcia beat No. 1 ranked Alabama in 2010. An absolute miracle. Shoutout Marcus Lattimore.