Put a Ring On It

The man known as "Foul Bae" just delivered the most fierce flagrant-one call in NBA history

Some refs are just there to officiate the game. They put on their stripes, call their fouls, go home, and get a good night’s sleep. Others, however, are there to perform just as much as the players. Countless come to mind. Ed Hochuli. Joe West. Wes McCauley. The list unravels for miles, and on Thursday night, 16-year NBA veteran David “Foul Bae” Guthrie added himself to the top with what is without a doubt the most fantastic, fabulous—NAY, fantabulous—flagrant one call in NBA history. Go on, king.

OK, so we’re all here for the hip turn, which hits with the force of an atomic bomb. “For launching his body,” Guthrie says while launching his own body for maximum impact. But that’s just the beginning of the drama, as Guthrie then illustrates “extensive contact into the facial era” with a move plucked straight out of the Beyonce playbook.

If you think that’s impressive, however, just wait until you see Guthrie’s dismount on a foul call a little later.

If we, as a culture, were still saying “fierce,” this would be it. The literal definition on urbandictionary.com. More importantly, though, it should serve as a reminder to the NBA, who have worked tirelessly to homogenize their officials in the post-Donaghy era, that a little flair goes a long way. But don’t take our word for it. Just ask every Hollywood big-wig sitting in the front row at the Staples Center on Thursday. They’ll tell you every great drama needs an equally great villain, and, judging by this clip, Foul Bae is ready for his breakthrough.