The Hangover Part II

Formula 1 is coming to the Vegas Strip in 2023 and Valtteri Bottas had just about the most relatable reaction you can possibly have

Wednesday was a huge day for racing fans across America, with Formula 1 officially announcing its first Sin City pitstop since the 1980s. Joining the United States Grand Prix in Austin as just one of two American F1 circuits, the 2023 addition of Las Vegas—including a 212-mph straightway along the Strip itself— generated an immediate stir around the auto world, but nowhere more than with the drivers themselves, who could hardly believe their, ahem, luck upon hearing the news …

It’s funny to note that genuine championship contenders like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen seem to be the least excited of the bunch, already stressing on the inevitable distractions that Las Vegas brings. By comparison, McLaren driver Lando Norris, who finished sixth in last year’s drivers’ championship, lets out a long sigh and says “red and black baby … all my earnings will be on number four” in reference to his number-four McLaren and any of the city’s thousands of roulette tables.

Despite the colorful reactions of the grid, however, it was Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas who had the greatest (and most relatable) response of all:

“I’ve been once to Vegas,” Bottas admits somewhat shamefully, averting eye contact. “When I left, I said ‘never again’ but I’m coming back. I might need to try and behave better than I did last time.”

What happened the last time Bottas set foot in Sin City? That’s between him and God, but here’s hoping he keeps it on the track this time.