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Former NFL coach Jeff Fisher has discovered how to use GIFs on Twitter, and the results are incredible

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What's Jeff Fisher been up to since he was fired as head coach of the L.A. Rams, a team that subsequently made the playoffs and then the Super Bowl in back-to-back years after his firing? Not much, actually, besides chilling outside. Sports Illustrated's Charlotte Wilder wrote a great longform piece in February on this very subject that's well worth your time. Fisher has been living the dream, fishing, ATV-ing and doing other things outdoorsman do on his farm just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. But, like all football lifers, Fisher would still love to be back in the NFL.

But because of the Rams immediate success without him, and with a young hotshot coach in Sean McVay, Fisher's reputation has taken a hit. He's also known as the "7-9" guy, a running joke on the internet because of how many times Fisher went 7-9 in his career, even though he only actually went 7-9 four times in 22 career seasons. People forget that Fisher not only led the Tennessee Titans to within one yard of overtime in a Super Bowl, but he also took them to the playoffs five more times during his tenure, with all five of those seasons featuring double-digit win totals.

Fisher has had enough of the 7-9 jokes, something Wilder's story touches on. But rather than just telling a reporter about it, the former coach is taking matters into his own hands on Twitter, and he's discovered how to use GIFs in response to these completely unoriginal jokes. The results these past 24 hours have been incredible, as Fisher has morphed into every single dad who finally cracks the impossible code that is a GIF ever. What brought this on? NFL insider Jason La Confora reported that Fisher was in line to coach the XFL's Houston franchise. Fisher promptly denied this:

Naturally, folks began flooding Fisher's replies with those knee-slapping 7-9 jokes. Fisher began to respond:

Great stuff from Fisher. No one would blame him if he told these tired jokers to F--- off, but he's instead making light of it by probably overusing and misusing gifts. My personal favorite is below, and it has nothing to do with any 7-9 joke and it makes absolutely no sense:

You probably didn't wake up this morning, open Twitter and say "man, I need to follow Jeff Fisher immediately," and yet here we are. Have a day coach Fisher, have a day.