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Former Golf Channel host Peter Kessler is a huge fan of Peter Kessler, less so of Jack Nicklaus

March 01, 2019

Former Golf Channel host Peter Kessler is back on camera. Not for Golf Channel, not for HBO, but rather as the self-appointed "Voice of Golf" on Twitter. And no one is safe from his takes. Not even the great Jack Nicklaus.

Kessler's latest rant attacks the 18-time major champ for his work as a golf course designer during a week in which golf fans will be reminded over and over (and over) of Nicklaus' work on PGA National. The course is hosting this week's Honda Classic on the PGA Tour and is known for a tough three-hole stretch (Nos. 15-17) that has been dubbed "The Bear Trap." But Kessler calls it "The Bear Crap." Burn!

The amusing 71-second video is jam-packed with praise for someone else, though: Peter Kessler. "Not everybody can be a Renaissance man where you're great at everything you do. There was Leonardo, there was Michelangelo, there was golf media's Renaissance man: me. I've done everything better than everybody else who's ever tried it in our business. Not everybody can do that." Wow.

Make no mistake about it, Kessler has had an amazing career in golf and he was a huge part of Golf Channel's launch and subsequent success before a messy split in 2001. But that is one heckuva statement. Of course, there's some hyperbole there (we think), but Kessler saying it so matter of factly with a straight face makes it particularly enjoyable to watch. Check it out:

Through a series of recent videos, Kessler has taken to task everyone from the World Golf Hall of Fame to Sergio Garcia and Bryson DeChambeau for their recent on-course tantrums. He's called backstopping "backstabbing" (he's right), referred to the USGA as "Unusually Stupid Governance Available," and he's even showcased his singing and guitar-playing skills with original songs like "Arnie said to Jack."

In short, Peter Kessler might just be the most entertaining follow on Twitter. He's also probably going to rip me to shreds for writing this post.