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Florida dunks on Tennessee in basketball, then posterizes them on Twitter with perfect burn

The big news out of the SEC this week was Tennessee's firing of head football coach Jeremy Pruitt, and the subsequent announcement of athletics director Phillip Fulmer's "retirement," which will occurr once he's replaced. Pruitt, who was hired by Fulmer, was fired for cause on Monday, after an investigation showed evidence of multiple recruiting violations during his tenure, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Not surprisingly, rumors of said violations, and their specifics, have already begun swirling. One in particular got a ton of run on social media on Tuesday, and it came from Dan Patrick on his radio show. According to Patrick, a source told him that the Vols got extremely sloppy with their recruiting. He cited one example that involved cash in McDonal's bags. Yes, seriously.  

"You literally had bag men," Patrick said. "They put the cash in McDonald’s bags and handed it to the recruits. My source said they were so in your face with this—they weren’t even trying to hide it. And that’s where my source said: ‘Tennessee got sloppy. Georgia has gotten sloppy.’ But there’s been no word on the NCAA looking at Georgia. But Tennessee, they got sloppy, and they were handing out cash in McDonald’s bags."

If there is a more Tennessee thing than handing out cash in Mickey D's bags, we've yet to hear it. 

Naturally, after Patrick's claim began circulating, the internet had its way with the Volunteers and their fanbase. Nobody buried them quite like the guy or girl running the Florida Men's Basketball Twitter account, though. After the Gators literally dunked on the sixth-ranked Vols on the court, 75-49, they then posterized them on Twitter with the perfect burn: 

A+++++, we'd say. For those keeping score, Tennessee fired it's football coach, which means the Vols will be on their fifth head coach since 2009, they got clapped on and off the court by Florida in basketball, their AD and legendary former head football coach is stepping down, and Eli may have proven to be funnier than Vols GOAT Peyton in this Frank's Red Hot commercial. It's only Wednesday. What a brutal week for Vols fans. In other words, a normal week.