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Fixing FedEx (continued)

November 24, 2008

It's cold in Fenton, Missouri and Golf World reader Dave Pikul, time on his hands, has taken on the FedEx Cup fix in response to Bob Verdi's column in the November 7 issue. It takes a bit of digesting, but his solution is thought-provoking.



Having read Bob Verdi opinions column concerning the FedEx Cup points the solution to the points problem is simple. The points need to be reset after each phase. The current season points system can remain the same, but when the Fed X Cup starts the points are reset. The top 100 make it to the first tournament with the point reset at 100 to 1. The top regular point golfer getting 100 points down to 1 for the 100th ranked player. The results of the first tournament is the points started with added to the points earned, thus if the number one player finishes in the 25th spot he would get 100 plus 75 for a total of 175. In tournament number 2 the field is narrowed to 75 players and the point are reset from 75 to 1. Final points are determined the same as round one. For the third tournament the field is reduced to 50 players and point reset to 50 to 1. (Note: In case of a tie for the final spot the higher seed would advance).


For the fourth tournament the field would be narrowed to 32 players points reset from 32 to 1, but this is where it would get interesting. After the Thursday round the field is cut to 16 players, points rest to 16 to 1. For the Saturday matches we are now down to 8 golfers reset at 8 to 1. This brings us to Sunday where we have 4 players left with points reset at 4 to 1. It's a good possibility that we could wind up with a tie and then have a sudden-death playoff for the $10 million, which would provide a dramatic end to the Cup.

All other sports playoffs start out equal with the only advantage being home field or being more rested. A playoff as suggested evens the playing field much as the same way in football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

Dave, now that you'e finished with this, please address the BCS. You may wish to start with the Big 12 and work your way in.

--Bob Carney