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1 anti-chunk feel to help you hit crispier iron and wedge shots

February 17, 2023

Stuart Franklin

If you’re stuck in a rut of chunking it over and over again, there’s a simple feel that could help you get back to making cleaner contact. Nathalie Sheehan, a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher out of Vinoy Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Fla., says the issue is probably a lack of weight shift.

“If you tend to hit a lot of chunked shots, you’re probably hanging on your back foot,” says Sheehan.

In order to get your weight off your back foot and onto your leading leg, Sheehan says to get an alignment stick (a golf club would also work) and lay it down in the middle of your stance.

The Key: Get your weight forward

“Feel like your right knee [for right-handed golfers] moves towards the stick I have on the ground or your front knee as you come through impact and that will help you get your weight forward,” Sheehan says.

If your trailing knee if moving towards the target, it’s going to be very hard for you to hang your weight back. By incorporating this feel, you’ll be much more likely to shift your weight through impact and finish your swing with the majority of your weight on your leading foot. With a move like that, you’re a lot less likely to chunk it.