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Five takeaways from Tiger Woods' surprising golf swing video


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February 24, 2016

Not sure if you heard, but some cat named Tiger Woods tweeted a video of himself swinging a golf club. Oh, you did? Us too.

In fact, after watching, analyzing and dissecting the post 98 times within the last two hours, we have a few observations and takeaways from Woods' post:

Never trust unverified, caricature Twitter accounts for BREAKING NEWS

On the bright side, big day for @secrettourpro. Sure, his report was hilariously wrong, but the fact he almost single-handedly caused the Tiger "OMG he can't even move?!?" media storm -- one which was regarded by a few respected writers as truth -- illustrates his reach and influence.


Tiger's swing looks a tad off

I'm viewed as a "Negative Nancy" in the office, quite the statement given Alex Myers is a colleague. Case in point: When watching the video for the first time, instead of thinking, "Hey, Tiger's OK after all," my first thought was, "Hmmm, what's up with his swing?" While I chastised myself for being such a skeptical butthead, turns out I wasn't the only one harboring such feelings:

The problem? The takeaway is OK, but it looks like he's struggling on the follow-through and his finish looks stiff:

Conversely, we haven't seen him swing a golf club in six months; of course he's going to look a little off. And who the hell am I to question the swing merits of a 14-time major winner? Let's move on before I realize how much pessimism resides in this shallow heart of mine...

Tour pros: Just like us!

As in, wearing shorts! This isn't a secret; Tiger has rocked this look during practice sessions for years. But, as the European Tour heads toward a more relaxed dress code, this seems like an appropriate time to mention the PGA Tour could learn a thing a two from their compadres across the pond.


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Tiger dropped the ball...

If Woods REALLY wanted to cause a commotion, he would have uploaded a video of himself playing Augusta National on the simulator, with the monitor illuminating a "NEW COURSE RECORD!" notification, looked back intently at the camera as the screen goes to black with Bill Conti's "Going the Distance" fading in, and this year's Masters' dates flashing across the screen.

Anyone else get goosebumps?


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Despite a rough period and the rise of young stars, no one owns golf like Tiger Woods

Seriously, who else could post a selfie of their swing that would spur this reaction? It's become trendy to dismiss Woods and his relevance in the modern game. Today's Tweet speaks to the contrary.

This video will be interpreted as "Woods is BACK," at least in reference to his presence inside the ropes. But, judging by all the recent discourse -- from his Hero World Challenge presser to his upcoming book to the flip-flop injury updates -- Woods has never left.