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Fitness Friday: No hotel room? No problem

July 05, 2013

Trying to stay fit while traveling is always a challenge. Time is an issue, the quality of food available is typically poor, and getting from place to place can be exhausting.

What you need is a practical and convenient way to try and maintain your fitness level. Back in 2010, we offered a way to work out in your hotel room. If you are traveling over this holiday weekend or any time this summer, try these exercises from Randy Myers, fitness director for the Sea Island Resorts in Georgia.



Sit in the corner chair with your butt on the edge. Grab the chair arms, and lean back. Pull your knees toward your chest, and extend your legs fully just above the ground and repeat for two sets of 10 reps. It works the muscles in the thighs, abdomen and lower back.


Grab that bulky hotel directory or phone book, and lunge forward with one leg while twisting your upper torso to that side. Stand and repeat with the opposite leg while twisting in the other direction. Do two sets of 10 lunges per leg. Works several muscles in the thighs, buttocks and shoulders.


Hold your duffel or travel bag in front of you, arms straight. Squat like you were in a phone booth, trying to lower your buttocks as close to the floor as you can. Then stand. Do two sets of 10 reps. Works several muscle groups, including the buttocks, hips, abdomen and shoulders.


Grab a bathroom towel, and lie on your back on the floor or bed. Grab each end of the towel, and hook the middle over one foot. Raise your leg as straight as you can, hold for a few seconds, then lower. Repeat 10 times, each leg. Stretches and strengthens the hamstrings and hips.


Using the bed bench or sink counter, place your hands on the surface, arms relatively straight at your sides, fingers facing forward. Lower your body until your arms are bent at a 90-degree angle. Then push up and repeat. Do two sets of 10 reps. Works the triceps and shoulders.

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor for Golf Digest.

(Illustration by Jameson Simpson)