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FedEx: Fiddlesticks!

November 20, 2008

Recession Lesson No. 1. Don't talk to Michiganders about the FedEx Cup. They've got other things on their minds these days and their patience with how to spend $10 million on football-season golf events is thin, er, non-existent. Here is Dave Keyt of Lakeview after reading Bob Verdi's column on the cup in Golf World:


Too much is being made of the problems with the Fed Ex Cup and efforts to supposedly fix it.


I am a reasonably well informed golf watcher and do not care in the least about the Fed Ex Cup. From reading the TV ratings it appears I am in the majority.

The first two years have been won by golfers who played the best. That doesn't seem to satisfy those who dreamed up this sham. The tentative plan to guarantee everybody playing the last tournament will have a chance to win is a joke. Equally asinine is making sure someone, Padraig Harrington for example, who plays horribly in the early tournaments is guaranteed a spot in the final.

I do not watch golf to see how much money can be won. The gross amounts passed out for the Fed Ex will not generate any additional interest.

Creating this failed attempt at some sort of season ending extravaganza is right up there with calling any of the senior events a major. What are they again?

Dave, this is harsh. I understand how you might be more interested in bailing out the Lions, the Woverines or the auto industry, but remember what a mess the end of the golf used to be. They're trying.

--Bob Carney