Facial Treatment

During a recent round, I suffered every golfer's nightmare: getting hit by a shot. Worse, I did it to myself. The story:

My first drive of the round goes right into the rough, and I find my ball sitting right next to a medium-sized rock that I couldn't move. I take out my sand wedge to punch it out, but instead, the ball came straight up and hit my face. I then went to the ER and got five stitches. No big deal. It could have easily been worse if it hit me in the eye, nose, tooth, ear or, well, you name it.

I waited a week to play another round. Did I flinch? Well, after hitting my first shot eight feet from the hole, I missed the putt for birdie.

So let us know by sending us a comment below -- what's the worst injury you've seen or suffered on the course? (And no, your sunburned nose doesn't count.)

-- Shu Matsuo