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European Tour pro can memorize an entire deck of cards, would be a hoot at kids' parties

February 11, 2019

In 2005, Edoardo Molinari became the first (and still, only) Italian to win the U.S. Amateur. We're guessing he's also probably the only champ capable of remembering every name on the coveted Havemeyer Trophy going all the way back to 1895.

Although his nickname is "Dodo," Molinari is anything but. The brother of reigning British Open champ Francesco and a three-time European Tour winner himself, Molinari possesses a remarkable memory. And it's something he shows off from time to time by memorizing an entire deck of cards. Check it out:

OK, so Bryson DeChambeau, a fellow U.S. Amateur champ, can probably do that while simultaneously conducting an experiment on static electricity. But still, nicely done, Dodo. Learn a few more card tricks and you could make a killing doing children's birthday parties in the off-season.