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Erik Karlsson unleashes vicious gender-reveal slapshot

December 18, 2017

Erik Karlsson is a tough mother f—er. How tough? Well, he played through the Senators' postseason run last spring with two hairline fractures in his heel that eventually required surgery where the doctors literally removed half of his ankle bone, in case you needed an example or something. On Sunday, however, the dude who slams other dudes into giant plexiglass barriers for a living, showed off his softer side, when he uncorked his trademark tracer-bullet slapshot as part of an adorable gender-reveal video for his first child.

As you can see, the puck explodes bright blue and Karlsson is immediately (and awesomely) hyped, jumping up and down and embracing his wife in a rare show of non-competition-related emotion from a professional athlete. We're sure he would have been just as excited if it was a girl—hell, just look at that shirt—but obviously Karlsson is pretty thrilled about the prospect of having his own little protege in the house. That said, the rest of the NHL is probably less enthused, already flinching at the idea of facing off against little Erik Karlsson Jr. come 2036.