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Edwin Diaz had a rough spring training outing and Mets fans are totally taking it in stride

February 26, 2020
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies

Rich Schultz

New year, new Edwin Diaz. Or at least that's what Mets fans hoped. After a disastrous first year in Flushing, when the Mets' $120-million-dollar man blew seven saves, posted a 5.68 ERA, and produced several thousand Tri-State ulcers, the prevailing feeling was that there was no way to go but up. After Diaz's first outing of 2020 spring ball on Wednesday, however, the prognosis suddenly seems much grimmer (and much more Mets).

The good news? He got out of it. The bad news? Just about everything else. Facing a crop of embattled Astros minor leaguers, Diaz required 25 pitches to escape the inning, giving up a pair of runs in the process. Thankfully Mets fans kept everything in perspective and made sure not to overreact to a Grapefruit League start in mid-February . . . lol jk. They promptly freaked the f—k out.

If you can't count on Diaz, at least you can depend on Mets fans to stage a full nuclear reactor meltdown at the first inkling of trouble. We can't say we blame them, though. After an offseason that saw their manager fired before coaching a single game, a long-awaited team sale fall through, the only good bullpen guy on the entire roster break his toe, and Brandon Nimmo develop an unidentified cardiac issue, Mets fans are already at the end of their collective rope noose and rightfully so. Here's hoping Diaz doesn't leave them hanging.