Eddie Pepperell pens must-read blog post after picking up his 1st European Tour title

February 26, 2018
Commercial Bank Qatar Masters - Day Four

Tom Dulat

If you're a golf fan, there's a good chance you follow Eddie Pepperell on Twitter. There's also an even better chance you'd follow him if he wasn't a tour pro. Pepperell is funny, smart, and thoughtful, traits that also show up in the fantastic musings on his blog. And it's good to see that he's going to keep writing now that he's a European Tour winner.

Pepperell picked up his first Euro Tour title on Sunday at the Qatar Masters. On Monday, he picked up a pen, er, keyboard, and pounded out a must-read post in which he candidly described his feelings as the final hole of his one-shot victory transpired, discussed his career in general and celebratory hangover, and gave heartfelt thanks to his family, friends, and caddie. You should read the entire thing, but here are some of the highlights. On the final putt:

Winning Putt- ‘Concentrate you bastard.’ Like I did all day on short putts, I just tell myself I’m at home in my putting room. Eyes still.

Winning feeling- If I could have thrown myself in the lake I would have, but I play with my wallet in my back pocket, and now isn’t the time to destroy my credit card.

On the morning after:

This Monday I’ve woken up with what I suspect you’d call a proper hangover. I’ve never really suffered in the past with alcohol but today is slightly different. And my right bicep is genuinely sore from the strain of keeping aloft the heaviest oyster on earth. Both problems I’m more than happy to deal with.

If you're confused about the "oyster" part, look at the above photo. There's this on his surprise with how he finally broke through:

*There was a nice irony in winning yesterday in the sense that I didn’t feel I played my best golf. After coming close to winning a number of times and not being able to, I’ve at times thought that I would need to play ‘sensational’ golf to finally get over the line. Yesterday proved to me that in fact isn’t the case. Getting the ‘job done’ yesterday came down to the more intrinsic parts of golf; course management, patience and clutch putts. I felt it was the two pars I made on 12 and 13 that really won me the tournament. Both times I had to hole 5/6 footers. I guess you could say that two big decisions I made last year in getting a putting green in my house and changing caddies, are continuing to manifest into something good. *

And finally, how about this tremendous sign-off?

There’s lots more I could say I guess, but that can wait. Above all though, I’m just so happy for my family and girlfriend, all of whom deserve the credit for constantly reminding me who I am. Christ, if I ever get above my station, my sister will put me right. She has a knack for four letter curses and pinpoint truth telling.

Time for a nice dog walk.

Well played, Eddie. And even better said.