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Easter Sunday golf handicap bonus

April 20, 2014

__By David Owen____[

]( 20 was an important day for people in the egg and pastel-dye industries. To celebrate, the Sunday Morning Group gave one extra handicap stroke to every player who teed off with an appropriately decorated golf ball. Last-minute scrawls with a Sharpie didn't count; to qualify, a ball had to be something you wouldn't be ashamed to show the Easter Bunny.


I did my decorating the night before, with something called Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint. It isn't formulated for golf balls, probably, but it was the only thing I could find in the basement that was in the right colors. The two balls I painted were still tacky in the morning, twelve hours later, and the bunny stickers were coming up at the edges. I think the bunnies cost me some yardage on my opening drive -- on our sixth hole, a par 5 -- but the wet paint helped me on my third shot, from a greenside bunker, because sand got embedded in the paint and kept the ball from rolling off the green.


Five guys, out of nine, showed up with decorated balls. Mike A. played with his ball the whole round. Fritz lost his in the woods on the fifth. Ben slept through the golf but came for lunch (without a ball). He said that the college he went to, Hampshire, holds an annual Easter Keg Hunt, and when I got home I found a picture online:


We may have to try that next year.