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Earl Woods made an eerie prediction about Tiger on this day in 1995

During the height of his powers, it seemed like Tiger Woods was destined to break Jack Nicklaus' major record. It wasn't a matter of if, but when.

Now, just winning another tournament seems improbable for Woods, who continues to grab headlines for all the wrong reasons.

This means Woods will probably finish his career with "just" 14 majors to his name, something Tiger's father Earl eerily predicted on this day in 1995:

At the time, Earl's comments were written off as hyperbolic and outlandish. After all, he did also say Tiger would do more than any other man in history to change the course of humanity. While Tiger's foundation has done plenty of good, changing the course of humanity seems like a stretch at this point. Sadly, it looks like Earl may have nailed the major prediction though. If only he said 19.