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Dustin Johnson eats at one of the most famous restaurants in the world, continues to dominate life

For the tour pros who can afford it, a personal chef with you on the road is an absolute must. However, there are certain cities where even the most health-conscious of pros can't resist eating out in. New York, not surprisingly, is one of them.

This week, the PGA Tour is actually in New Jersey—Jersey City, to be more specific—for The Northern Trust at Liberty National, site of the 2017 Presidents Cup and the 2009, 2013 and 2019 Northern Trusts. The course is just a short ferry, train or car ride from the city, and many players, including Dustin Johnson, opt to stay in NYC.

On Monday night, Johnson got his metro-area week off to a flying start, eating at the most-famous restaurant in New York and arguably one of the most famous restaurtants in the world—Rao's in East Harlem. This from Paulina Gretzky's Instagram story:


As any true foodie knows, there are only 10 tables inside of Rao's, and the are owned by regulars who never give them up. You can attempt to walk in and wait, but you'll likely wait far longer than you want to. So, DJ had to know a guy who knows a guy. How New York of him.