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Watch Tiger Woods bomb a "Happy Gilmore" drive while Rory McIlroy's attempt takes out a launch monitor

August 16, 2021
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No, Tiger Woods has not undergone a new swing change. Although judging by this missile, maybe he should consider it.

Woods remains sidelined as he rehabs from a February car crash, but on Monday TaylorMade released a video of its tour staff trying to replicate the “Happy Gilmore” swing in honor of the film’s 25th anniversary this year. (The video was taped before Woods’ accident.)

Judging by the clip below, while it’s not a dead-on impersonation of the hockey-player-turned-hacker swing made famous by Adam Sandler, Woods’ attempt manages to cross the 300-yard barrier:

While we’re here, a special shoutout to Rory McIlroy. Although the four-time major winner hit a foul ball to right field and followed up by taking out the launch monitor, his swing was pretty damn close to the original Happy Gilmore move.

Let that be a lesson to all the kids at home. If Rory freakin’ McIlroy can’t pull off a successful Happy swing, perhaps you shouldn’t try it at the range, either.