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Drew Doughty setting up a golf match with Clayton Keller before a face-off is the mic'd up moment of the century

February 24, 2022

Do you like hockey? Do you like golf? Do you like hockey AND golf? If you fall in camp three, what you are about to witness is one of the great "worlds colliding!" moments in worlds-colliding history.

On Thursday night, the L.A. Kings and the Arizona Coyotes met for the late game on TNT, this despite the Coyotes being a team that belongs nowhere near a national broadcast. However, the game produced one of the great mic'd up moments we've ever seen, as Kings defenseman Drew Dought, a notorious trash-talker, could be heard not chirping another player, but setting up a golf match with him.

"What's your handicap?" Doughty says to Arizona winger Clayton Keller, to which Keller responds "scratch." Doughty then seized the opportunity to get a boatload of shots from him in their future match. Check out the incredible clip:

These are the mic'd up moments you live for right here. Sure, the NSFW chirps are always great, but a genuine, friendly chat about golf handicaps and setting up a tee time is way better. If only we could hear what Keller was saying, though based off Doughty's response of "NO, seven," we have to imagine Keller was calling B.S. Doughty a sandbagger? We're all thinking it. 

Prayers up for Keller, who is clearly going to be giving Doughty seven shots and could subsequently lose some coin if Doughty brings his A game.